Frequency-To-Voltage Converter Ectron Model 441A

Frequency-To-Voltage Converter, Ectron, Model 441AFrequency-To-Voltage Converter Ectron Model 441A produces an analog output that precisely represents the frequency of an applied input signal. Adjustable"input frequency to output voltage" set points allow the user to closely bracket the frequency of interest.

A unique crystal-controlled microcontroller design provides fast response, high conversion accuracy and low output noise that is independent of frequency.

The font-panel display shows the input frequency with up to five-digit resolution. All operating parameters are set using the display and one other front-panel control.

The input signal conditioner automatically provides stable operation for a wide range of pulse-, square- and sine-wave signals from under 10 millivolts to 100 volts in amplitude.

Three selections of input sensitivity and input bandwidth are provided, plus a unique digital periodic filter that cancels unwanted output variation caused by an input signal whose frequency varies in a periodic manner.


1 Hz to 50 kHz Frequency Range
Fast Response
Crystal-controlled Accuracy
Digital Periodic Filter
Adjustable Input Sensitivity and Filtering
Front-panel Display of Frequency to 5 Digits
Precise Control of Output Voltage vs. Input Frequency
Automatically Accepts 10 mV to 100 V Input Signal Range
Output Noise Independent of Frequency


Engine Monitoring
ABS Evaluation
Cruise-control Test
Drive-line Analysis
Overspeed Monitor/Control
Failure Analysis
Governor Studies
Flow Meters

Frequency-To-Voltage Converter Ectron Model 441A