Programmable Transducer Conditioning Amplifier Ectron Model 765

Programmable, Transducer Conditioning Amplifier, Ectron, Model 765Programmable Transducer Conditioning Amplifier Ectron Model 765 (PTCA) features full remote or front-panel manual control of virtually every operating function including: several excitation, signal conditioning and calibration modes, amplifier input, output, filter and gain modes; and automatic and incremental zero and bridge balance modes.

Ideal for computer controller data acquisition systems, the
Programmable Transducer Conditioning Amplifier Ectron Model 765 PTCA can be used with almost any transducer from strain gauges, RTDs and potentiometers to thermocouples, accelerometers and pressure gauges. Its precision amplifier can also be used for most low-level or high-level signal sources.


IEEE-488 programmable
Self-contained unit with fully programmable excitation, signal conditioning, calibration, amplification and filtering.
Ten (10) wire input accommodates bridge type transducers, strain gauges, RTDs, potentiometers and other low- and high-level signal sources
Gain programmable from 0.01 to 10,000
Fully isolated excitation power supply programmable for constant current or constant
voltage, local or remote sense and output level
Separate auto balance and true autozero
Ten programmable Butterworth or Bessel filter bandwidths from 1 Hz to 30 kHz, plus wideband