Harsh Environment Pressure Transmitter

Harsh Environment, Pressure Transmitter, GP:50This rugged, harsh-environment pressure transmitter is small in size and designed to solve your worst weather nightmare. GP:50 Model 471 features HART communications protocol and microprocessor based electronics in a small, rugged package. HART communication allows simpler system commissioning and start up, while digital compensation provides enhanced accuracy and rangeability.

Because HART allows simultaneous analog and digital communication, this instrument is fully compatible with existing analog systems. Communication is most commonly done with a HART hand-held communicator, but can also be done with commercially available PC-based software. All-welded and hermetically sealed, it can be submersed to 100 feet with submersible conduit. The all-welded construction and 15-5 and 316 stainless steels used in the pressure cavity make the 471 watertight and strong against corrosion. The harsh-environment pressure transmitter is designed without an "O"-ring and insures reliability. For sour gas and other corrosive media, the 471 is available with 316 stainless steel, Inconel or Hastelloy wetted parts.

HART Communication
0 Through 100,000 PSI Ranges in PSISG, PSIA, Vacuum Options
4-20 mA Loop Powered
30:1 Ranging
CE Approved
FM Explosion Proof, and Intrinsically Safe Approved
CSA Intrinsically Safe Approved
9-40 VDC Excitation
Secondary Containment

Off Shore Rigs and Pumping Platforms
Pipelines and Processing
Shipboard and Marine Applications
Plastics and Paper - All Processes

Smart Rangeable Pressure Transmitrer, Model 471