Linear Position Transducer Honeywell Data Instruments DuraStar

Linear Position Transducer, Honeywell, Data Instruments, DuraStarThe DuraStar™ rodless Linear Position Transducer incorporates over thirty years of MystR® technology into the longest lasting factory-rugged potentiometer. It allows large misalignments of shafts and housing while providing whisper-quiet operation and smooth, clean signal output. MystR provides the DuraStar excellent durability, especially in dither life which is so often the determining factor in a potentiometer's life. It is the perfect replacement unit to reduce maintenance operations. The rodless side-sealed DuraStar Linear Position Transducer can also be used to replace a rodded potentiometer in contaminated applications. As a replacement unit, it will improve performance while providing long life.


Vibration damped element
Extended side bearing
Extruded wiper carrier guides
Rugged ribbed housing
Precious metal wipers
MystR plastic elements
High DC level output
High performance bearings
Absolute continuous measurement

They are ideally suited for Temperature, Pressure and other process measurements.

DuraStar™ Linear Position Transducer