Bidirectional Pressure Transducer Honeywell Data Instruments Model EA-BD, SA-BD

Bidirectional, Pressure Transducer, Honeywell, Data Instruments, Model, EA-BD, SA-BDThe EA-BD and SA-BD Bidirectional Pressure Transducer models sense pressure above and below atmospheric pressure without using a vacuum reference chamber. Diaphragm defections are both positive and negative. The Bidirectional Pressure Transducer models give a 1 VDC output at a set negative pressure. Their output signal is 1-6 VDC. A variety of pressure ranges (negative to positive) are available so you can choose the range best suited for your application. EA-BD's are gauge models and SA-BD's are sealed. They find wide use in applications where pressures can go from below atmospheric to considerably above - such as in medical respirators or refrigeration.


Diaphragm deflects bidirectionally
Many ranges available
Stainless steel wetted parts
1-6 VDC output

Model EA-BD, SA-BD Bidirectional Pressure Transducer