Linear Position Transducer Longfellow II from Honeywell Data Instruments

Linear Position Transducer, Longfellow II, Honeywell, Data InstrumentsThe new Longfellow II Linear Position Transducer incorporates design innovations to increase transducer life and provide greater resistance to vibration, while providing a smooth high quality signal for the most demanding factory control applications. It has a solid stainless steel shaft, longer front-end bearings, a vibration-free damped element, a spring-loaded ball joint and a high precision precious metal wiper. Carrier guides extruded the full length of the housing insure smooth operation even under severe side load conditions. The Longfellow II Linear Position Transducer is a direct drop-in replacement for existing Waters, Data Instruments, Novotechnik, Gefran or Sfernice units. The newly designed internal components provide improvements which were developed after worldwide testing and field experience.


Vibration damped element
Spring-loaded ball joint on wiper assembly
Extruded wiper carrier guides
Precious metal wipers
Shaft seals
MystR plastic elements
High DC level output
High performance bearings
Absolute continuous measurement

Longfellow II Linear Position Transducer