Rotary Position Transducer Honeywell Data Instruments Model M-22

Rotary Position Transducer, Honeywell, Data Instruments, Model M-22The M22 Rotary Potentiometer, available in servo and bushing mount, utilizes wear resistant MystR® conductive plastic film combined with precious metal wipers to produce a quiet operating, low noise, stable signal. Gold plated terminals are designed to eliminate the tarnish factor often encountered in assembly soldering operations. The high quality components are packaged in a cost effective housing designed with an anodized aluminum face plate or chrome plated brass bushing to handle assembly and operating loads. The M22 Series potentiometers are used in position sensing applications which demand high reliability at low cost.


MystR® plastic Element
Aluminum face plate (M22S)
Integral terminations
Chrome plated brass bushing (M22B)

Model M-22 Rotary Position Transducer