Harsh Duty Pressure Transducer Honeywell Data Instruments Model SA

Harsh Duty, Pressure Transducer, Honeywell, Data Instruments, Model SAThe harsh duty SA pressure transducer has a water resistant, stainless steel case or complete protection from harsh environments. Internal hermetic sealing is used to provide measurement of absolute pressures (PSIA) or pressures referenced to a sealed chamber (PSIS). Underwriters Laboratories has approved the SA as a component in float and pressure-operated motor controllers (File #E93356). The SA produces a high level voltage output of 1-6V output from an unregulated supply. It is fully calibrated and compensated prior to shipment, and is field interchangeable.


Rugged stainless steel case
PSIS and PSIA models
Ranges to 7100 PSIS
RFI/EMI protection
Reverse polarity protection

Model SA Harsh Duty Pressure Transducer