Low Cost Pressure Transmitter Honeywell Data Instruments Model XPRO

Low Cost, Pressure Transmitter, Honeywell, Data Instruments, Model XPROThe XPRO pressure transmitter provides both the instrument engineer and OEM designer with a reliable and affordable measurement. The 4-20 mA output signal is particularly suited for long cable runs in electrically noisy environments. The XPRO's silicon strain gauges are mounted on a beam coupled to a 300 series stainless steel diaphragm for maximum isolation from thermal transients. The pressure cavity is a brazed assembly of 300 series stainless steel with no elastomer seals or adhesive bonds to corrode or deteriorate. The XPRO is recognized by Underwriters Laboratories as an intrinsically safe device for use in hazardous locations.


Low cost
1% accuracy
All stainless steel
Sealed, rugged package

Model XPRO Low Cost Pressure Transmitter