High Temperature Displacement Sensors and Measuring Systems

High Temperature, Displacement Sensors, Measuring SystemsKaman Instrumentation ’s High Temperature Displacement Sensors provide accurate noncontacting measurement of conductive surface motion in hostile environments.Thermal compensation techniques that maintain sensitivity and linearity with small zero shifts make accurate high temperature measurements possible.

These High Temperature Displacement Sensors feature laser-welded,Inconel construction,making them perfect for a variety of extreme environment applications.

The sensors use the versatile KDM-8200 family of signal conditioning electronics. Single channel systems are available in the NEMA-enclosed KDM-8200 or bench-top/rack-mountable KDM-8200.The NEMA enclosure houses an internal power supply,digital panel meter and window kit.Up to eight measuring channels are available in the rack mountable KDM-8200.

(See Kaman’s Series 8000 data sheet for a complete description and additional specifications for these electronics.)


For applications requiring high accuracy, reliability, structural integrity
Operating temperatures from -320F to +1,000F
(+1,200F short term)
Displacement systems withstand pressures up to 3,500 or 5,000 psi, pressure system
measures pressure up to 5,000 psi
Dual-coil sensor design effectively minimizes radiation effects
Hermetically sealed and laser welded
Unaffected by environmental contaminants

High Temperature Displacement Sensors and Measuring Systems Kaman Extreme