Non-Contact Position And Displacement Sensing Kaman KD2306

Non-Contact, Position And Displacement Sensing, Position Sensing, Displacement Sensing, Kaman, KD2306The KD-2306 is a non-contact linear displacement measuring instrument. When paired with any of the supported sensors it becomes an easy to use, high precision static and dynamic measuring system. Applications range from lab work, to production/process automation. The DIN rail mount interface makes it ideal for integration into OEM equipment and industrial control applications. It is a cost effective replacement for LVDT's, air gauges, dial indicators and micrometers.

A system includes a sensor and electronics. Every system comes with factory calibration complete with a NIST traceable calibration record. For customers who desire to do their own recalibration, zero, gain and linearity potentiometers are provided. The output voltage of the system is proportional to the distance between the face of the sensor and any metallic (conductive) target.

A variety of options are available including extending the sensor cable, extended range calibration, temperature compensation calibration, and sensor customization to fit the needs of the application.


• Supports both dual and single coil sensors
• Terminal I/O connections
• Auto-synchronization of multiple channels
• Analog DC and 4-20 mA outputs
• Single ended, bipolar and differential voltage outputs
• Front face coarse and fine calibration controls
• RoHS compliant and CE marked

Non-Contact Position And Displacement Sensing Kaman KD2306