Non-Contact High-Precision Proximity Measuring System Kaman KD2446

Non-Contact, High-Precision, Proximity Measuring System, Kaman, KD2446The KD-2446 system consists of two subassemblies: the sensor, with integral cable, and the signal conditioning or electronics module. The KD-2446 electronics is housed in DIN rail mount enclosure with terminal connections for +12 Vdc to +24 Vdc input power and the variable voltage and switched outputs. Kaman offers either the P-3410 or P-3450 power supplies. The system comes standard with one or two production sensor configurations - the 0C or the 5CM. Both of these sensors are rated for continuous operation up to 400 Deg.F (205 Deg.C).

The KD-2446 system operates on a traditional colpitts oscillator circuit where the sensor acts as the resonating coil for the oscillator. The proximity of the target to the sensor face pulls the oscillator, changing its frequency and amplitude of modulation, and controlling a variable gain oscillator section within the electronics circuit.

The signal is half-wave rectified and filtered to obtain an analog voltage proportional to the target position or displacement. The analog voltage output can be varied by adjustment of the gain. The input power is diode protected and regulated to provide a clean low-noise signal. The output is short-circuit current protected.


• Outstanding precision: static resolution to 12 microinches
• Low cost
• Excellent performance with ferrous targets
• Variable voltage input from 12 to 24 volts DC
• Compact rugged electronics, sensors
• Adjustable gain for up to 22 volts output (with 24 Vdc input)
• Temperature tolerant sensors (to 400 Deg.F)
• High speed (10 KHz) level adjustable switched output for process control
• Very low switching hysteresis, < 1% on ferrous targets
• RoHS compliant

Non-Contact High-Precision Proximity Measuring System Kaman KD2446