Differential Measuring Systems Super High Precision Kaman KD5100

Differential Measuring Systems, Super High, Precision, Kaman, KD5100Differential Measuring Systems are ideal where weight, size, and power consumption are not critical. These Differential Measuring Systems are a significant advance in precision measurement technology.

Differential Measuring Systems provide exceptional resolution, repeatability, and nulling accuracy for detecting the aligned/ centered position of a conductive target relative to a pair of noncontacting sensors.

For differential measurement applications, two precisely matched sensors per channel are positioned on opposite sides or ends of a target. In this sensor-to-target relationship,as the target moves away from one sensor, it moves toward the other an equal amount. Output is differential and bipolar. The
electronically-matched sensors on opposing legs of the same bridge provide superior thermal stability.

Cryogenic Applications

Kaman builds an alternate version of the 20N sensor specifically for cryogenic applications. This sensor has internal expansion joints and, when screw mounted using a Belleville washer, effectively eliminates stress or temperature induced mechanical distortions.

Kaman has confirmed optimum performance in liquid nitrogen at 70 °Kelvin. Several aerospace applications make effective use of this sensor in a liquid helium environment at 4 °K.

Vacuum Applications

Both sensor and KD-5100 Differential Measuring Systems electronics are used in vacuum applications down to 10 -6 Torr. The vacuum-compatible systems use a NASA-certified heat-sink compound. These Differential Measuring Systems have been specified for orbital platforms.

KD-5100 Differential Measuring Systems Super High Precision

The hybrid for the KD-5100 Differential Measuring Systems are manufactured to MIL-H-38534.MIL-SPEC components are utilized throughout the electronics module wherever possible. The KD-5100 Differential Measuring Systems features rugged construction with a mean time between failures of better than 55,000 hours in a tactical environment, 238,000 hours in a space flight environment.

The small package size of the KD-5100 Differential Measuring Systems (just 2 x 2.12 x 0.75 inches thick) makes this system ideal for applications where space is a limiting factor.


Two precisely matched sensors per channel give resolution to a nanometer
Superior thermal and long-term stability of 5x10-6 inches/month or better
High sensitivity up to 10 V/mil
Low power consumption less than 2W @15 VDC typical

Differential Measuring Systems Kaman KD5100