Eddy Current Measuring System Kaman Kuda

Eddy Current, Measuring System, Kaman, KudaKuda is a High-Precision Eddy Current Measuring System.
Microprocessor-based sensing systems offer many benefits over analog systems, especially in applications that have many variables. Kaman’s Kuda Eddy Current Measuring System, a smart digital system, has the ability to implement many control features that in the past required a PLC or other microprocessor-based controller.

Kuda Eddy Current Measuring System incorporates a 32-bit microprocessor, advanced signal conditioning electronics,and flash memory. Configuration, set-up,and calibration are accomplished either by pushing the buttons on the front panel, or by connecting Kuda Eddy Current Measuring System to a PC and running KudaView™, Kaman’s proprietary software that is included with every system. All operating parameters are stored internally, so you can disconnect Kuda from the PC and retain all programming.

You can configure a Kuda Eddy Current Measuring System to operate with any of eight standard Kuda sensors, which offer ranges from .020"to 1.00". Custom sensors, as well as those used with other Kaman products, are also compatible with the Kuda electronics. You can save your configurations to a PC and then reload them into Kuda Eddy Current Measuring System at a future date. If you decide to change sensors later, you simply set up Kuda Eddy Current Measuring System to that new configuration.

Kuda Eddy Current Measuring System is available as a single or dual-channel system. With a dual-channel Kuda, you can configure each channel for different sensors and for different target materials.


Measures in minutes; quick set-up
Push-button calibration, easy-to-use
Data acquisition is easy: no D/A card
Mix sensors with same electronics
Custom configurations
Software upgrades free on Internet
Digital filtering
Microinch resolution
Fast sampling, up to 10,000/second
Powerful new signal conditioning and error correction
Ideal for process control
Rugged sensors operate up to 200C
Active temperature compensation: less than 0.01%/C
Analog voltage and current output
RS-232 and RS-485 multidrop for sensor networking
Unmatched precision and reliability

Eddy Current Measuring System Kaman Kuda Series