Kistler Digital Amplifier Type 4620A

Kistler,Digital,Amplifier,Type,4620A The Kistler Digital Amplifier Type 4620A... has been specially designed for use with piezoresistive sensors where a very accurate measurement is required. This versatile Kistler Digital Amplifier Type 4620A calculates actual pressure and temperature using digital compensation. Sensor specific coefficients are stored in an EEPROM in the amplifier. Various functions can be assigned to the digital input and output signals, e.g. error indication, limit levels, tare of pressure and temperature signals using an external trigger.

Digital compensation for greater accuracy
Analogue and digital outputs for pressure and temperature
RS-232C interface for reading and writing of sensor specific data
For pressure sensor Types 4043/45, 4053, 4073/75, 4083/85, 4090/91
Conforming to CE

Kistler Type 4620A... Digital Amplifier