Kistler Dual Mode Charge Amplifier Type 5010B

Kistler,Dual,Mode,Charge,Amplifier,Type,5010B The Kistler Dual Mode Charge Amplifier Type 5010B is versatile, line-powered, dual mode amplifier for use with high impedance (charge mode) or low impedance (voltage mode) sensors. In the charge mode, the unit converts the input charge signal into a voltage proportional to the measurand. The voltage mode provides sensor source current for powering low impedance sensors.

The dual mode charge amplifier can be used to measure dynamic pressure, force, strain and acceleration from piezoelectric sensors. A long time constant mode permits the user to measure short duration static (quasi-static) events. The scale and sensitivity settings are designed to provide a direct readout in volts per mechanical unit eliminating mathematical manipulations. An isolated RS-232C interface with Microsoft Windows based software provides for control and sensing of the front panel settings. A rear panel receptacle is provided for remote control of the Reset and Operate modes.

A micro-controller controls all 5010B functions and constantly monitors the unit's condition. Additionally, it continuously checks for input overload and condition of low impedance sensors. LEDs provide operational status while the LCD provides an indication of error overload, sensitivity, scale, time constant, bias and baud rate when RS232C is activated.

Each unit is extensively tested using an automatic test and calibration system to ensure the highest possible accuracy and quality. Furnished with each unit is a detailed NIST traceable calibration certificate.

High and low impedance sensors
Dynamic and quasistatic measurements
Automatic zero adjustments
RS232C interface
Ultra high accuracy and low noise
Ground isolates I/O connectors
DC and line-powered versions

Kistler Type 5010 Charge Amplifier