Preloading Elements For Mounting Load Washers

The standardized preloading elements are used for mounting the load washers Types 9001A ... 9071A.

A set of preloading elements consists of a preloading bolt, a hexagon nut, a centring sleeve and two insulating washers.

Prestressed load washers can measure both tensile and compression forces. The preload needed is also governed by the anticipated lateral forces which produce a bending moment.

The preload bolt is screwed into the base plate and the thread secured with Loctite 121. The sensor is centered using the centering sleeve. Before assembly, the contact surfaces of the base and cover plates as well as on the sensor must be carefully cleaned with a degreasing cleaning agent.

The two insulating washers allow groundinsulated mounting.

Before screwing in the preload nut, the contact surface and the threads of the preload bolt should be greased with special grease Type 1063.

When the load washer is connected to the charge amplifier, the preload force can be measured directly as the preload nut is tightened.

Preloading of the load washer produces a force shunt. To measure the sensitivity of the preloaded sensor, recalibration is necessary.

Kistler Type 9420A01 9420A71 Preloading Elements