Kistler Portable Engine Tester Type 2507B

Kistler,Portable,Engine,Tester,Type,2507B Kistler Portable Engine Tester Type 2507B, self-powered measuring instrument for measuring and evaluating cylinder pressures in diesel engines. The robust instrument has been developed for use under rugged industrial operating conditions and is especially suited for monitoring of large diesel engines.

A powerful microprocessor calculates and stores peak pressure, compression pressure
(= pressure from inflextion point of pressure curve), steepest pressure rise speed from an optional number of individual cycles.

The measured data on a surface illuminated LCD and can be output together with the mean pressure curve by a built-in printer (option) and/or transmitted directly to a computer via an integral interface.

In situ data processing
High storage capacity
Windows-Software for statistics and additional data processing included in the delivery

Kistler Type 2507B Engine Tester