Kistler TDC Sensor System Type 2629

Kistler,TDC,Sensor,System,Type,2629 Sensor with amplifier and power supply for determining top dead canter position. The Kistler TDC Sensor System Type 2629 consists of the TDC sensor with integrated TDC signal amplifier and TDC power supply. It is used for the dynamic determination of the top dead center position (TDC) in piston engines.

Knowledge of the exact top dead canter is of great importance for investigating processes occurring inside engines, since all measurements are recorded against crank angle and with respect to TDC. With some thermodynamic quantities such as average indicated pressure, a deviation of only 0.1° crank angle from the true top dead location already results in an error of several percentage points in the pmi value.

The advantage of direct determination of TDC, compared with determining the position of pressure maximum from the motored-engine pressure curve, is that there is then no need for a correction involving the degree of the thermodynamic loss angle.

The TDC system consists of:

TDC sensor
TDC signal amplifier
TDC power supply
TDC cable
Mains-connecting cable

Kistler Type 2629 TDC Sensor System