Kistler Digital Indicator Type 4626

Kistler,Digital,Indicator,Type,4626 The Kistler Digital Indicator Type 4626A is available in 3 different models which will meet all the requirements of the extrusion process.

The Type 4626A1 is designed specially for use with melt pressure sensors Type 4086/87. The indicator features "Fast-Cal" which provides a simple method of calibrating an indicator to a sensor using the sensor's internal calibration resistor.

The Type 4626A2 is a universal input indicator for simple measurement-only applications.

The Type 4626A3 is a universal input indicator, but for more demanding applications where any of the following features may be required: -alarm relays, analogue output and serial communications interface.

Standard 1/8 DIN panel mounted
Sensor interrupt detection
"Fast-Cal" calibration
Front panel control - full set up is available using the front panel buttons
Universal power input - wide ranging 90 to 265 VAC input allows world-wide installation
Conforming to CE

Kistler Type 4626 Digital Indicator