Kistler Charge Amplifier Type 5011B

Kistler,Charge,Amplifier,Type,5011B The mains-operated, microprocessor controlled one-channel charge amplifier Type 5011B converts the electrical charge yielded by piezoelectric sensors into a proportional voltage signal.

This amplifier serves mainly to measure mechanical quantities, e.g. pressure, force or acceleration.

The main features of the instrument are its continuous measuring range adjustment facility from ±10 to ±999,000 pC and convenient adjustment of the parameters with a two-line LC display. The values entered are retained in the event of an interruption in the power supply.

A built-in IEEE-488 parallel interface or a serial RS-232C interface is available as an option. This enables all set values to be entered or queried. Transmission of data measured is not possible.

The additional designation ...Y38 indicates that the instrument also has a calibration input and is modified for the connection of low-impedance sensors (Piezotron system, ICP). The instrument dimensions are DIN standardized and it can be supplied in a table-mounted case or a case for mounting in a rack system.

Large measuring range
Wide frequency range
Automatic zero correction
Adjustable low-pass filter and time constant
Various options and modifications provide optimum adaptation to the measuring problem
Conforming to CE

Kistler Type 5011B Charge Amplifier