Kistler Single Range Charge Amplifier Type 5014A

Kistler,Single,Range,Charge,Amplifier,Type,5014A A simple to use single range, line powered charge amplifier that converts the charge signal from a high impedance piezoelectric force, pressure or acceleration type sensor into a high level output voltage.

The Kistler Single Range Charge Amplifier Type 5014A is a rugged industrial charge amplifier for use with charge mode, piezoelectric sensors. It is housed in a rugged environmentally protected aluminum case attached to a mounting plate. Measuring range and time constants are factory set according to the customer range specifications and measurement conditions. BNC receptacles are provided for input and output signals as well as remote reset.

Options include a differential input and a high current (±50mA) output. The standard unit is supplied with a MOSFET input transistor; an optional JFET input transducer is also available. The JFET input transistor version is recommended for industrial applications where static discharges could damage the MOSFET. The MOSFET is ideal for making short-term static measurement.

Single range, factory calibrated for measuring range
Rugged industrial package
Simple to operate
AC Line powered

Kistler Type 5014A Single Range Charge Amplifier