Kistler Charge Meter Type 5015A

Kistler,Charge Meter,Type,5015A This instrument can be used wherever mechanical quantities are measured with piezoelectric sensors. Piezoelectric sensors produce an electric charge which varies in direct proportion to the load acting on the sensor.

The Kistler Charge Meter Type 5015A is not only a charge amplifier but a universal Charge Meter with a graphical liquid crystal display. However, the 19" rack module is also suitable for measurements in an industrial environment. It can display instantaneous, peak and average values as well as reference deviations.

State-of-the-art technology allows the naturally occurring interference to be almost entirely eliminated. The instrument is distinguished firstly by its excellent technical data and secondly by its extremely simple operation.

Single-channel charge amplifier
Piezotron input (option)
Measure-jump compensated
Liquid crystal display (128x128 pixels)
Menu-driven operation
Direct signal evaluation
Flexible adjustment of high-pass and low-pass filters
Compatible with Charge Amplifier Type 5011B
PC-Software and Virtual Instrument Driver for LabVIEW™

Kistler Type 5015A Charge Meter