Multichannel Charge Amplifier Kistler Type 5017B

Multichannel,Charge,Amplifier,Kistler,Type,5017B Microprocessor-controlled Multichannel Charge Amplifier Type 5017B... with optionally 3 - 8 channels. This type is especially used for combined force and moment measurements together with piezoelectric multicomponent dynamometers.

The desired parameters can be set via keyboard and an alphanumeric LCD and displayed on the latter.

The instrument is conforming to CE and meets the safety standard EN61010-1.

Multichannel Charge Amplifier for 3 - 8 independent measuring channels or for multicomponent force and moment measurements.
All functions can be remote controlled via IEEE-488 or RS-232C interface.

Kistler Type 5017B Multichannel Charge Amplifier