Kistler Multichannel Charge Amplifier Type 5019B

Kistler,Multichannel,Charge,Amplifier,Type,5019B Kistler Multichannel Charge Amplifier Type 5019B is a microprocessor-controlled 3 channel or 4 channel charge amplifier system for converting the charges yield by piezoelectric sensors into proportional voltages.

The main application field is the cutting force measurement with piezoelectric multi-component dynamometers.

The desired parameters can be set and displayed by means of a keyboard, and LCD and different LEDs.

The instrument is conforming to CE and meets the safety standard EN 61010-1.

For cutting force measuring systems
3 or 4 channels
Conforming to CE
Serial and parallel interface

Kistler Type 5019B Multichannel Charge Amplifier