Kistler In-Line Amp Charge Amplifier Type 5027A

Kistler,In-Line Amp,Charge Amplifier,Type,5027A Kistler In-Line Amp Charge Amplifier Type 5027A industrial amplifier converts the charge produced by quartz sensors into a proportional voltage.

Particularly suitable for monitoring duties on machinery, e.g. for force shunt measurements, in which calibration on the machine is required.

The single-channel charge amplifier can be supplied either calibrated or uncalibrated in three measuring ranges.

A potentiometer incorporated in the 8-pole plug connection allows simple calibration to the maximum output voltage of ±5 V.

Extremely small dimensions
Measuring range up to 450,000 pC
Supplied calibrated or uncalibrated
Handy accessories for on-site calibration
Conforming to CE

Kistler Type 5027A In-Line Amp Charge Amplifier