Kistler 1-Channel Charge Amplifier Types 5034A10, 5036A1

Kistler,1-Channel,Charge Amplifier,Type,5034A10,5036A1,industrial amplifier Kistler 1-Channel Charge Amplifier Types 5034A10, 5036A1 industrial amplifier for converting charge signals from quartz sensors into proportional voltage signals.

Particularly suitable for use in machine monitoring systems because of their sturdy construction. One measuring channel with several selectable measuring ranges. Also available with 2 or 3 measuring channels. The measuring range can be selected in situ using jumpers.

Signal input, signal output and supply are electrically isolated form one another. This avoids problems associated with multiple grounding or group loops.

The instrument is conforming to EC with EC Directive 89/336/EC and complies with EMC standards for industrial equipment (EN 50081-2 regarding interference emission and EN 50082-2 regarding interference immunity); compliance is required with the relevant installation information.

Electrical isolation of signal input, signal output and power supply
Sealed case, degree of protection is IP 67
Rugged, vibration resistant
Simple selection of the measuring range in situ
3 parallel-connected coaxial input sockets, e.g. for summing the signals
Conforming to CE

Kistler Types 5034A10, 5036A1... 1-Channel Charge Amplifier