Kistler Miniature Charge Amplifier Without Housing Type 5040A

Kistler,Miniature,Charge,Amplifier,Without Housing,Type,5040A The miniature charge amplifier Type 5040A converts the electrical charge signals yielded by piezoelectric sensors into proportional voltages.

The device is delivered without housing. The user must mount the device into a housing which provides suitable shielding.

The Type 5040A is a one-channel charge amplifier with two through remote control switchable measuring ranges. Besides the output for the instant value, another output for the stored peak value from negative charges at the input is available.

Rugged, vibration-free construction
Two remote switchable measuring ranges
Peak memory with separate output
Different ground potentials between input and output up to ±4V allowed

Kistler Type 5040A Miniature Charge Amplifier Without Housing