Kistler Piezotron Coupler Type 5108A

Kistler,Piezotron,Coupler,Type,5108A A simple to use low impedance coupler that provides excitation power and conducts measured signal for voltage mode piezoelectric sensors.

The Kistler Piezotron Coupler Type 5108A is a small, easy-to-operate instrument for use with low impedance Piezotron sensors with built-in electronics. The primary function of this passive coupler is to serve as an interconnecting device, simultaneously providing conditioned power to the low impedance sensors and a measured signal to recording equipment.

Power is derived externally from a battery or inexpensive, unregulated line power supply. Internal protection is provided to prevent damage resulting from an improperly connected (reverse polarity) power source. The 5108A is AC coupled, thereby eliminating the sensor's bias voltage from the measured signal. Its small size and compact shape allows easy, direct attachment to the input connector of an oscilloscope.

Simple to operate
AC coupled
Reverse polarity protection
Conforming to CE

Kistler Type 5108A Piezotron™ Coupler