Kistler VibraPower Multimeter Compatible Coupler Type 5110

When used with a voltage mode piezoelectric accelerometer, the 5110 coupler transforms a common digital multimeter into a handheld relative vibration measurement system.

Turn a digital multimeter into a handheld relative vibration measurement system or verify sensor and cable integrity with this portable, low cost, battery-operated coupler. The 5110 provides a simple approach to making sensor measurements directly, using the functions found on today's digital multimeters or scope meters.

The VibraPower coupler supplies constant current excitation for low impedance, voltage mode piezoelectric sensors. Direct plug-in to most common multimeters is provided by banana type connectors on the back of the case. An AC coupled BNC type output connection is also provided on the side panel for interface to other measurement devices. The coupler, a multimeter/scope-meter, and a voltage mode piezoelectric sensor provide a handheld system ideally suited for roving vibration monitoring in a machinery maintenance environment.

The coupler extends the measurement capability of the multimeter, while it's small size retains the convenience of handheld operation.

Makes a multimeter into a sensor readout device
Interfaces with Piezotron™ or voltage mode piezoelectric sensors
Provides constant current excitation from 9V battery
Low battery indicator
Economically priced
Conforming to CE

Kistler Type 5110 VibraPower™ Multimeter Compatible Coupler