Kistler Piezotron Coupler Type 5114

Kistler,Piezotron,Coupler,Type,5114,single,channel,signal,conditioner A self contained power source that provides excitation power and acts as an interface between voltage mode piezoelectric sensors and measuring instruments. Single channel unit power by internal 9 volt battery or an AC/DC adapter.

The Kistler Piezotron Coupler Type 5114 is a single channel signal conditioner that provides constant current excitation required by low impedance voltage mode sensors with built-in electronics (i.e. Piezotron, PiezoBeam, K-Shear and Ceramic Shear) or for high impedance sensors with an external impedance converter. Sensor power is supplied by the same two-wire cable that provides the low impedance, output signal. The 5114 decouples the DC bias voltage from the output signal.

A 3.5 digit LCD with 0.5 inch high digits indicates sensor DC bias voltage. Three light-emitting diode on the display panel indicate the basic status of the sensor circuit. Bias voltages in the range of 4 to 16 volts are normal and result in a "Normal" (green) indication; bias voltages below 4 volts produce a "Short" (red) indication; and, a voltage above 16 volts will result in an "Open" (yellow) indication.

The unit operates from a single 9 volt battery or DC power from an external AC/DC power adapter."LOBAT" is indicated on the LCD readout when battery replacement is required. One 9 volt battery is installed in a compartment in the bottom of the case and operates 36 hours. The meter will operate at least one hour when displaying "LOBAT". The 5114 can also be powered by external 12 volt DC power supplied through the 2.1 mm jack. A power "On/Off" switch is located on the front of the case.

Provides constant current excitation
Monitors condition of sensors and cables
3.5 digit LCD display
AC/DC or battery powered
Conforming to CE

Kistler Type 5114 Piezotron™ Coupler