Signal Conditioner Kistler Piezotron Power Supply Coupler Type 5118B

Signal,Conditioner,Kistler,Piezotron,Power,Supply,Coupler,Type,5118B A flexible, simple to use signal conditioner that provides excitation power, signal tailoring and acts as an interface between voltage mode piezoelectric sensors and measuring instruments. Single channel unit powered by internal AA batteries or an AC/DC adapter.

The Signal Conditioner Kistler Piezotron Power Supply Coupler Type 5118B provides the constant current excitation required by low impedance, voltage mode sensors with built-in electronics (i.e., Piezotron, PiezoBeam, K-Shear and Ceramic Shear) or for high impedance sensors with an external impedance converter. Sensor power is supplied by the same two-wire cable that provides the low impedance output signal. The 5118B2 decouples the DC bias voltage from the output signal and provides a 2 mA constant current source which can also be factory adjusted between 2 to 18 mA. Bias indicators display the condition of the sensor and cable. Amplifier gains of 1x, 10x and 100x are selectable from a front panel switch. High-pass filter cutoff frequencies (-3dB) 0.006 and 0.03 Hz are also selectable by a switch on the front panel.

Plug-in low pass filters are available to limit the frequency response of the amplifier. These low pass filters can be used to attenuate unwanted frequency and/or improve signal-to-noise ratio. Bias voltage is monitored and displayed with three front panel-mounted LEDs. Bias voltage in the range of 2 to 21V results in a red "LOW" or "HIGH" indication. A "LOW" generally indicates a short circuit in the cable or sensor while "HIGH" means an open circuit.

Selectable gain and low pass, plug-in filters
High pass filtering, panel selectable
Monitor the condition of the sensors and cables
Exclusive "Rapid Zero" feature
AC/DC or battery powered
Conforming to CE

Kistler Type 5118B Piezotron™ Coupler