Kistler 12-Channel Piezotron Coupler Types 5124A1, 5126A1

Kistler,12-Channel,Piezotron,Coupler,Type,5124A1,5126A1 The Kistler 12-Channel Piezotron Coupler Types 5124A1, 5126A1 provides power and signal processing to 12 low impedance voltage mode sensors such as Piezotron or in-line impedance converters and readout equipment. The coupler operates on AC line power to furnish constant current DC to the impedance converters within the sensor.

Each channel includes and adjustable gain amplifier which can be varied over three internally selectable ranges; optional plug-in filters; an adjustable current regulator and de-coupling network that removes the DC bias while passing the dynamic signal to the output. Additionally, any channel may be tested at any time by depressing the appropriate channel test pushbutton.

Provides constant current excitation for Piezotron and voltage mode piezoelectric sensors
LED indicates circuit integrity
Standard 19" rack mountable
Low cost per channel operation

Kistler Types 5124A1, 5126A1 Piezotron® Coupler