Kistler AE-Piezotron Coupler Type 5125B

Kistler,AE,Piezotron,Coupler,Type,5125B The Kistler AE-Piezotron Coupler Type 5125B processes the high-frequency output signals from Kistler Piezotron Acoustic Emission Sensors.

Gain, filters and integration time constant of the built-in RMS converter are designed as plug-in modules, which allows, in situ, the best possible adaptation to the particular monitoring function concerned. This unit is also designed for industrial applications.

High frequency amplifier for Kistler Piezotron Acoustic Emission Sensor
Built-in RMS converter and limit monitor
Plug-in filter elements
Rugged case, vibration-proof construction
Tight per degree of protection IP65
Confirming to CE

Kistler Types 5125B AE-Piezotron Coupler