Kistler Piezotron Coupler Type 5127B

Kistler,Piezotron,Coupler,Type,5127B Rugged Kistler Piezotron Coupler Type 5127B for powering of Piezotron PiezoBeam or other sensors with constant current supply (two-wire system).

Gain, filters and integration time constant of the built-in RMS converter are designed as plug-in modules, which allows, in situ, the best possible adaptation to the particular monitoring function concerned. This unit is also designed for industrial applications.

Amplifier for Kistler Piezotron and PiezoBeam Sensors
Built-in RMS converter and limit monitor
Plug-in filter elements
Rugged case, vibration-proof construction
Tight as per degree of protection IP65
Confirming to CE

Kistler Type 5127B Piezotron Coupler