Kistler Piezotron Power Supply Coupler Type 5134A Signal Conditioner

Kistler,Piezotron,Power Supply Coupler,Type,5134A,Signal Conditioner A flexible, simple to use signal conditioner that provides excitation power, signal tailoring and acts as an interface between voltage mode piezoelectric and measuring instruments.

The Kistler Piezotron Power Supply Coupler Type 5134A Signal Conditioner provides power and signal processing to four channels of Piezotron, PiezoBeam, K-Shear and Ceramic Shear Accelerometers or any voltage mode piezoelectric sensor operating with constant current excitation (2-wire system).

An LCD display and keyboard allows easy selection of gain and filters for each channel individually. LED's show the unit's status and signal error in the case of a detected problem with bias voltage or the cable integrity. Additionally, the RS232C interface allows remote control all functions of the unit. The unit's very low noise floor makes it particularly useful for general vibration lab use with single axis or triaxial accelerometers.

RS232C interface for remote control and monitoring
Sensors circuit open/short alarm
Non volatile memory for set parameters
Seven selectable gains
Four selectable low-pass filters
Bias voltage monitor ON/OFF
Conforming to CE

Kistler Type 5134A Piezotron Coupler