Kistler TEDS Accelerometer Signal Conditiong Module Type 5150A

Kistler,TEDS,Accelerometer,Signal,Conditiong,Module,Type,5150A Four channel plug in module for use with a 2853A... Y45 Signal Conditioning Platform (SCP). The module provides excitation power and signal tailoring for conventional voltage mode accelerometers and IEPE accelerometers that contain IEEE 1451.4 TEDS capability.

The 5150A is a 4 channel signal conditioning module designed for use as a component of the 2853A...Y45 Signal Conditioning Platform. It is one of a module series that enables the 2853A...Y45 to support operation of mixed sensor technologies. The 5150A is designed for low impedance, voltage mode IEPE sensors such as the Kistler Piezotron and PiezoSmart types.

The design of the 5150A module is state of the art and offers several advanced operational and functional conveniences. Manual panel controls are eliminated. Operation of the signal conditioner is accomplished with a personal computer through the SCP visual interface software, supplied with the 2853A...Y45. Gain, sensor excitation current and the choice of three time constants are made as programmed selections. A programmable 8 pole Butterworth filter is an available option.

Module for use with 2853A...Y45 signal conditioning platform
4 channels; up to 8 modules per signal platform
Designed for voltage mode and IEEE 1451.4 TEDS compliant piezoelectric accelerometers
Completely programmable operation
Optional 8 poll low pass Butterworth filter
LEDs indicate circuit integrity and channel status

Kistler Type 5150A TEDS Accelerometer Signal Conditiong Module