Charge Amplifier For Modulas Kistler Type 5151A

Charge Amplifier,Modulas,Kistler,Type,5151A The 32 channel Charge Amplifier For Modulas Kistler Type 5151A was developed for Modulas, for the signal conditioning of WIM sensors. The supply voltage and the "operate" signal are electrically isolated from the measuring signal. As a result of a time constant configuration of all channels, the charge amplifier can be operated in "continuous operate" mode. The sensors can be quickly and reliably connected with a simple cut-and-grip technique.

The customer is not required to make any adjustments to this charge amplifier. The signal cable can be connected to this charge amplifier with the 41-pin MIL connector.

Screening of the charge cable installed must be ensured at the PC screw connection for the charge amplifier. The charge amplifier is fitted with grounding terminals.

No settings required to be made by the customer (plug and play)
Designed for applications in the laboratory and in the field (electronic control cabinet)

Kistler Type 5151A Charge Amplifier For Modulas