Kistler K-Beam Power Supply Type 5210

Kistler,K-Beam,Power Supply,Type,5210 A convenient, simple to use power supply that provides an interface between capacitive accelerometers and measuring instruments. A single channel unit powered by an internal 9 volt battery or and AC/DC adapter.

The Kistler K-Beam Power Supply Type 5210 is a single channel power supply intended for the K-Beam line of capacitive accelerometers. The unit is a low cost and convenient way to power a Kistler capacitive accelerometer from a casual check to an in-depth study.

A key feature of this instrument is its ability to adjust the output voltage offset so that 0g = 0 volts therefore read-out equipment can be set to lower ranges for viewing measurements at higher resolution. The unit may be powered by a standard 9V battery, external DC supply or AC powered with an appropriate wall adapter.

Internal circuitry permits selectable gain from 1x to 20x. signal filtering is available from optional low pass, plug-in filters designed to reduce high frequency signals. LEDs are used to indicate power mode and condition. A green indication shows external powering and red indicates a low battery condition. A high capacity external battery can be connected when field studies require long-term monitoring.

For K-Beam accelerometers
Adjustable offset control for higher resolution measurements
Battery or external power
Gain and filtering options; low battery indicator
Complete kit available
Conforming to CE

Kistler Type 5210 K-Beam Power Supply