Kistler Precision Charge Calibrator/Monitor Type 5395A

Kistler,Precision,Charge,Calibrator,Monitor,Type,5395A Kistler Precision Charge Calibrator/Monitor Type 5395A, especially used for calibration of charge amplifiers.

The instrument contains an adjustable precision voltage source with reference capacitors and a monitor for measuring of the output voltage of the test sample.

Either a continuous signal or charge pulses can be selected. The optimized pulse duty cycle of the charge pulses reduces the unavoidable error (dielectric absorption, charge amplifier drift) to a minimum.

An additional voltage allows the instrument to be used as a voltage calibrator for +/-0.1 - +/-10V.

Calibrator, especially for charge amplifiers
Built-in 4 1/2 digit DVM
Software calibration and automatic temperature compensation
IEEE-488 interface
With SCS calibration certificate
Conforming to CE

Kistler Type 5395A Precision Charge Calibrator/Monitor