Kistler Charge Converters Type 557, 558, 571

Kistler,Charge,Converters,Type,557,558,571 A Piezotron micro-electronic circuit converts the high impedance level of a charge output sensor into a low impedance high voltage output signal.

The low impedance voltage mode piezoelectric sensor such as the Piezotron type, incorporates a miniature MOSFET electronic circuit inside the sensor housing. The internal circuitry converts the high impedance charge generated by the quartz crystals to a high level voltage signal with an output impedance of less than 100 ohms.

The advantages of using a stand alone low impedance voltage mode sensor are now available in a hybrid system combining a high impedance accelerometer, pressure or force transducer with an impedance converter. A distinct advantage of this system is the high temperature measurements can be made by separating both components and placing the quartz sensor in a considerably higher temperature environment than that of the impedance converter.

Compatible with high impedance charge, mode sensors
Miniature construction
In-line or direct attachment to sensor
Optional range capacitors to tailor output signal
Two wire, constant current source operation

Kistler Types 557, 558, 571 Charge Converters