Kistler Control Monitor Type 5855, 5855AY32, 5855B

Kistler,Control,Monitor,Type,5855,5855AY32,5855B The Kistler Control Monitor Type 5855, 5855AY32, 5855B is used, together with piezoelectric sensors, for monitoring of pressure and force profiles. The charge signal yielded by the sensor is converted into a proportional voltage and compared with settable thresholds.

The instrument is available as a plug-in module for 19" racks or as a unit integrated into different housing systems. An input cable with mini-coax connector pos. and BNC chassis socket neg., 300 mm length, is included in the parts supplied (Art. Nr. 7.620.156).

Universal and extremely compact, per measuring channel 30 mm wide only
For 19" racks, flush-mounting, desk top version
Built-in multifunction display
Operating mode displays
Peak detection
DC or mains power supply
Electrically isolated inputs and outputs
Evaluating logic, 3 independent thresholds
Conforming to CE

Kistler Type 5855, 5855AY32, 5855B Control Monitor