CoMo II Control Monitor Kistler Type 5857B

CoMo II,Control,Monitor,Kistler,Type,5857B CoMo II Control Monitor Kistler Type 5857B is a universal measuring display and analysis unit. It can simultaneously record two measurands and display them either as a function of time or in their mutual dependence.

Many of the common types of sensors used today can be connected directly to the unit. This means that CoMo II can be used to control and monitor any production process. Freely definable analytical functions (thresholds, boxes, limit position, tolerance band, minimum/maximum values and statistical values) enable production processes to be monitored and evaluated at particularly critical points or over the entire operation. Up to 16 difference monitoring programs can be saved directly in the unit.

The 8 digit inputs and outputs in each case, the serial interface or Profibus DP can be used for integrating the CoMo II into the process control system. Operation is by menu control via the keyboard. Indications are provided by al illuminated graphic display (LCD).

Flexible monitoring of joining, press-in and testing processes
Direct connection of different sensor systems
Display of the recorded signal trace on the graphic display, additional display of numerical values
Process monitoring with various analytical functions: thresholds, boxes, end position, tolerance band
Graphical adjustment of the analytical functions directly on the display
Simple integration into the process automation (digital I/O, Profibus DP, RS-232C)
16 various settings can be stored
Conforming to CE

Kistler Type 5857B Control Monitor