Kistler CoMo II-S Control Monitor Type 5859A

Kistler,CoMo II-S,Control Monitor,Type,5859A The Kistler CoMo II-S Control Monitor Type 5859A is a universal measuring display and analytical instrument. Piezoelectric sensors for mechanical measurands and potentiometric sensors for displacement and angle.

The device can capture 2 measurands simultaneously and represent one of them in function of time and versus the other. The CoMo II-S can be used to control and monitor any production process through freely definable analytical functions (Thresholds, boxes, end position, tolerance band, etc.).

The CoMo II-S is the appropriate extension of the successful CoMo II. The main characteristics taken from the CoMo II are now supplemented with self-learning functions. This simplifies alignment of the instrument, scaling of the axes and defining the analytical functions. The S-type dispenses of the facility for simultaneous processing of a second measuring channel as well as the special connection facility for other types of sensors.

Direct connection of piezoelectric sensors for measuring and monitoring mechanical values
Alignment of the instrument with self-learning functions or optionally by hand
Same operating concept for CoMo II and CoMo II-S
Predefined measuring processes available for selection
Display of the measuring function recorded on a graphic display and/or a numerical value display. Hardcopy of the display possible
Process monitoring with boxes, thresholds, envelope curves or end position function
9 digital control inputs and outputs each
Integral interface RS232C for connection to PC, printer or an over-riding control
Switched mode power unit 90 - 264 VAC without switching
Mounting set for panel mounting
Conforming to CE

Kistler Type 5859A CoMo II-S