Kistler CoMo F Control Monitor Type 5861

Kistler,CoMo F,Control,Monitor,Type,5861 The Kistler CoMo F Control Monitor Type 5861 is a specific measuring and indicating instrument for fast and reliable monitoring and classification of industrial processes. A piezoelectric measuring amplifier and a voltage input respectively allow the monitoring of a mechanical process quantity from the wide field of application covering joining, forming and inspection.

The large back-lit LC graphic display provides a clear display of the process curve. The instrument can be operated confidently and intuitively with a rugged touch-sensitive keyboard. The German, English and French dialog languages are all supported.

Process evaluation is carried out with a tolerance band and can optionally be combined with a real-time threshold. Processing is time-based. Screw/plug-in connections facilitate the connection of cables. Panel mounting, 19" rack mounting or desk-top case allow installation in all environments.

Monitors punching, presswork, riveting, turning and inspection processes
Monitors over 600 workpieces per minute
Direct connection of piezoelectric sensors for force, strain, torque and pressure signals
Process monitoring with tolerance band
Real-time threshold
Curve shown on graphics display
Measurand display for minimum and maximum
SPS-compatible digital inputs (4) and outputs (3)
Menu-controlled operation in German, English or French
Access authorization via USER codes
RS-232C interface for recording
Switched-mode power supply for easy use world-wide
Conforming to CE

Kistler Type 5861 Control Monitor CoMo F