Kistler CoMo Net Control Monitor Type 5863A

Kistler,CoMo Net,Control Monitor,Type,5863A The Kistler CoMo Net Control Monitor Type 5863A is a two-channel control monitor for DIN rail mounting for monitoring and classifying industrial processes and operates on a 24V industrial supply.

6 SPC-compatible digital inputs and outputs allow the system to be integrated into a machine control system. The CoMo Net can be networked via TCP/IP and Ethernet. The RS232C interface is sued solely for testing and servicing purposes.

The system is operated exclusively by means of a standard web browser via Ethernet on a PC or web terminal (parameter setting, visualization). The web server integrated in the CoMo Net controls the HTML pages for operation, with the data server controlling the exchange of process data with the outside world. Access to the various menu levels is controlled for operators, supervisors or service personnel, with authorization being required by password.

Flexible monitoring of joining processes and product testing
Connection for piezoelectric and strain gauge sensors as well as sensors with voltage output.
Measuring mode y(x) or y(t)
12 evaluation functions, which can be freely combined, for monitoring threading, curve shape, slope, hysteresis, blocking force and final position
Real-time thresholds for overload protection or for speed control
Monitors up to 20 cycles per second
Fast actuation via digital I/O of SPC
Memory for storing the last 10 measured curves for error analysis, reference curve as well as for 16 measuring programs
Extensive process data compilation with statistical cp and cpk value analysis
Integral web server
Intuitive setup via Ethernet and standard web browser
Top-hat rail mounting
Options: Profibus DP

Kistler Type 5863A Control Monitor CoMo Net