Kistler Automatic Quality Control System (AQCS) Type 5881B

Kistler,Automatic,Quality,Control,System,AQCS,Type,5881B The Kistler Automatic Quality Control System (AQCS) Type 5881B is used in conjunction with quartz cavity pressure sensors for measuring cavity pressure on injection molding machines, and is used to monitor and control the injection molding process.

Artificial intelligence has made it possible to detect the volumetric filling of a cavity during injection molding and to switch over automatically from the injection to the holding pressure phase.

The measured values are digitized. The 2 thresholds, upper limit (UL), lower limit (LL) as well as the condition within the limits are monitored by software. The peak value of the pressure pmax and the pressure curve pindex integrated over time (adjustable integral limits) are shown on the display numerically as measurands and graphically as trends. The pressure curve is recorded and displayed as a graph for setting the injection molding machine.

The Kistler Automatic Quality Control System (AQCS) Type 5881B can be connected bia 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs to a machine control system, in order to switch automatically to holding pressure and to transmit various control commands. Illuminated graphics (LCD) provide the display.

Intelligent, automatically optimized switching
Maximum pressure and pressure integral monitoring
Curves and trends on graphic display
Auto zoom of the curve trace
Documentation via RS232C interface
For direct and indirect measurement behind a pin
Selectable mechanical units
Conforming to CE

Kistler Type 5881B Automatic Quality Control System