Pressure Generator Kistler Type 6904

Pressure,Generator,Kistler,Type,6904Pressure Generator Kistler Type 6904 for generating dynamic pressure pulses up to about 250 bar and quasistatic pressures up to 700 bar.

The sensors need to be mounted only once. Then, they can be either calibrated quasistatically or checked dynamically with reference sensors. Too, sensors with small ranges (minimum 0-5 bar) can be calibrated safely thanks to the adjustable pressure limiting valve.

This pressure generator is suitable in particular for calibrating engine and low-pressure sensors. To calibrate pressure sensors with ranges above 700 bar, Type 6905A is recommended.

Together with the reference sensors with SCS Calibration Certificate and the calibration unit Type 6907B available from Kistler, the pressure generator constitutes a complete calibration system.

Generates quasistatic and dynamic pressures
Pressure limiting valve protects against overload
Suitable for very small pressure ranges

Kistler Type 6904 Pressure Generator