Kistler Model 8044 Pictron® High Impact Quartz Accelerometer

Kistler, Model, 8044, Pictron, High Impact, Quartz Accelerometer The Kistler 8044 Pictron® high impact quartz accelerometer accurately measures mechanical shock up to 30,000 g. A stable quartz element allows the unit to undergo high and repeated shock impacts with virtually no zero shift. This accelerometer is lightweight, miniature in size and has an integral threaded mounting stud.

Contained within the sealed housing is a piezoelectric assembly consisting of a siesmic mass preloaded to a quartz element stack. The force acting on the quartz measuring element is proportional to the acceleration in accordance with Newton's Law: F=ma. The element in turn, yields an electrical charge proportional to the force and therefore to the acceleration.

Due to the amount of pre-load on the quartz stack, the accelerometer can withstand acceleration greater in one direction than in the other. Therefore, it should not be exposed to accelerations greater than specified in its negative direction (force directed through the connector to the base). The charge signal is conducted through a low noise coaxial cable such as the 1631 Series. It is converted and amplified to a proportional output voltage in a charge amplifier, such as Type 5010B.

High impedance charge mode
Wide measuring range
Stable quartz element
Lightweight, miniature package

Kistler Model 8044 High Impact Quartz Accelerometer