Kistler Model 8732A & Kistler Model 8734A Micro K-Shear® Accelerometers

Kistler, Model, 8732A, 8734A, Micro, K-Shear, Accelerometers The Kistler Model 8732A500 and Kistler Model 8734A500 micro K-Shear accelerometers offer the user a small, lightweight, low profile accelerometer designed for measuring shock and vibration on very small articles. The rectangular body shape of the 8732A500 allows for easy adhesive mounting on any side particularly in tight locations. The mounting flanges of the 8734A500 accelerometer allow for rigid mounting with fastener during shock testing and its automotive industry standard "footprint" makes it ideal for automotive testing. The hard anodized case is constructed of titanium and aluminum that provides ground isolation and a lightweight package. An integral Teflon jacketed cable, 6 ft. in length, is terminated in a 10-32 negative connector.

Kistler's K-Shear technology assures insensitivity to base strain, thermal transients and transverse (cross-axis) acceleration. Quartz sensing elements afford excellent long-term stability to ensure repeatable, accurate measurements for many years. The Piezotron® low impedance voltage output eliminates noise sensitivity to cable motion. Power the Micro K-Shear accelerometers with one of Kistler's couplers, sign conditioners, or from built-in ICP compatible power sources found in many measurement and analysis instruments.

Low impedance voltage mode
Quartz shear element
Low profile and lightweight
Ultra-low base strain and thermal transient response
Ground isolated
Standard automotive footpring & mounting
Conforming to CE

Kistler Models 8732A & 8734A Micro K-Shear® Accelerometers